Perfect Princess Sophia, of course, it was!

We said “yes”, right?

No, you fool! How could I forget YOU!

She couldn’t, and she won’t, and I certainly won’t forget HER!

She’s dominant, she’s wonderful, she’s a miracle on this planet, and the Earth is lucky to have her FEET walking on it!

Sophia Madam, Paye Lagu!

And she’s…

I cannot control my joy and EMOTION!

“Serving an Indian Goddess” is being translated into French, and the translator is doing a great job. So many languages for this Indian femdom themed book with a ton o f erotic content (obviously!) — my first — I’m SO HAPPY!

That isn’t…

What a lady she was!

(Is, actually!)

So, as I “recover” from the memories of Madam Joyce — — and the memories of her lovely, OPENLY dominant nature — — I remembered another, possibly even more arrogant (and rightfully so! …

I recently saw a post on my Twitter account about a Domina asking (in general) if it would be OK to humiliate her sub at dinner.

To my thinking, I’d say hell yes! The more public it is, the better Madam . . . ?

But while others might or…

For everyone, I should say — submissives, dominants, and even “regular” fetishists as it were.

There are many reasons for this, of course.

And all covered in the book in the “benefits” section (or the sales page).

But to me, the “crowning” (pun intended) #1 reason?

Why you write this…

…. and why I love women that take forever to get ready, and keep me WAITING!

Which is of course something every guy knows.

Tell a lady to meet you a certain time, and you might as well plan for half an hour or more later!

That 5 minutes of…

She did it quite often.

I’ve often mentioned Princess Joanie as the pinnacle of humiliation i.e. she was truly and still IS a humiliatrix and findomina “au extraordinnaire”, but believe me, the bodacious “broad hipped” Madam Carrie, that “rough” 23 year old girl from Sichuan?

The real estate agent “that…

Down, boy!

And those words ring out SO often in my mind, but this is not about me.

It’s about Prakash, an arrogant “SOB” (male, one of many) that Garima Madam (JI! I can never forget!) brought to hell — heel! and how.

Erstwhile U.S. President Donald Trump often said…

And this is about the first time she brought a stud home.

The first of many times — and let me tell you, though I’ve had the pleasure and privelege of slobbing on MANY a real man’s cock — and knob — and asshole — Indian cocks?

They’re just different!

Or, I could say why I love “old and fat” women, those that have “pumped out kids” (as so many men say!) — and worshipping their asses, feet, soles, armpits …

Dont get me wrong.

I dont discriminate based upon age, women are women — and are all so gorgeously…

Mike Watson

Mike Watson — writer, entrepreneur and femdom enthusiast “au extraordinaire”! Free femdom tips available here —

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